Welcome to the
Stella Artois Draught Masters
Welcome to the Stella Artois Draught Masters
About Draught Masters

What is Draught Masters?
Draught Masters was developed to teach the important details of tapping, such as the art of tapping a perfect Stella into the iconic chalice.

Why it is important to tap properly?
Consumers perceive cask beers as fresher, softer, colder and more premium. In addition, consumers who drink draft beer are generally more loyal. Draft beer also provides better opportunities for food pairing and thanks to the iconic Stella Artois chalice, the experience is taken to a higher level both visually and functionally.

About Draught Masters
Timeline Stella Artois Draught Masters
June 17th- August 1st
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June 17th- August 1st
Upload your video and view the exclusive content about food pairing on the website​
August 15th
Video draught
From all videos, the top 50 Bars will be selected to advance to the next round​
August 31st
3 Stella Artois​Upload a new video, this time by tapping 3 Stella Artois in a row. The top 16 Bars advance to the final​
September 20th
Draught Masters Final
Final event with the 16 finalists who can compete in Den Hoorn for the title of Draft Master Belgium 2021​
Final event
Final event